How to replace door weather stripping.

Follow our helpful process here to make your next project a success and keep your door functioning properly for longer.


Time Required: Icon_Time1_5m_10m_85gray-1 Difficulty: Icon_DiffLevel1_85gray-1


Tools Required

  1. Safety glasses Icon_SafetyGlasses_85gray-1
  2. Scissors Icon_Scissors_85gray-1
  3. Tape measure Icon_TapeMeasurer_85gray-1

Materials Required

  1. New weatherstrip (buy now from Therma-Tru Store)


Step 1) Pull the old weatherstrip from the door jamb



Starting at the top of the jamb, pull the old weatherstrip away from the jamb.


Step 2) Install replacement weatherstrip


To install the new weatherstrip, press the flat edge of the weatherstrip into the groove of the door jamb. 


Step 3) Trim the weatherstrip


The new weatherstrip will be too long, use your scissors to cut the weatherstrip down to the proper length. Place the loose end of the weather strip into the groove of the jamb to complete the process.