How to replace dual bulb door bottom

Follow our helpful process here to make your next project a success and keep your door functioning properly for longer.


Time Required: Icon_Time3_30m_60m_85gray-1 Difficulty: Icon_DiffLevel2_85gray-1


Tools Required

  1. Safety glasses Icon_SafetyGlasses_85gray-1
  2. Elastomeric or polyurethane caulk Icon_CaulkGun_85gray-1
  3. Staple gun & 1/4" x 3/4" staples Icon_StapleGun_85gray-1
  4. Hammer Icon_Hammer_85gray-1
  5. Phillips head screwdriver Icon_ScrewDriver_85gray-1
  6. Putty knife Icon_PuttyKnife_85gray-1
  7. Pliers Icon_PlierSet_85gray-1

Materials Required

  1. Door bottom (buy now from the Therma-Tru store)


Step 1) Remove door slab from hinges



Begin this process by removing the hinge pins from the hinges and removing the door from its place.


We recommend placing the door on a flat surface covered by a blanket or some other barrier to help protect your door from damage.


Step 2) Remove existing door bottom


Using the putty knife, pry the door bottom away from the door. Be sure to remove any leftover staples from the door.


Step 3) Clean bottom of door slab


Scrape the bottom edge of the door with the putty knife, removing any excess caulk or stubborn staples from the door.


Step 4) Apply sealant to the new door bottom


Apply sealant to both ends of the door bottom in the pattern shown above.


Step 5) Install new door bottom to door slab


Press the new door bottom against the bottom edge of the door, working from the outside edges inward.


Next, place a staple on each end of the door bottom. Then place additional staples evenly spaced between the two ends. 


Step 6) Rehang door slab


Now, rehang the door on its hinges and reinstall the hinge pins.


You may need to adjust your threshold to fit the new door bottom. Simply adjust by loosening or tightening the screws on the threshold face pictured here. Once adjusted, your installation is now complete.